Aspen Cafe

Posted on 23rd Jul 2019

Aspen Cafe Image

Aspen Cafe, located at 9141 Wicker Ave in St. John, is your perfect location for an amazing breakfast or lunch. Just pictures of their food have me drooling.

At Aspen Cafe, you can either dine in or carry out and they are open 7 days a week. You can go and enjoy a great meal and pair it with a beer or wine from their large selection. Thy also pride themselves on how quickly they are able to seat and accommodate large groups.

They post frequently on their Facebook page that has over 1,300 people following it to show some of the meals that are on the menu, and let me tell you they all look delicious! There are also many comments about how great of a time customers had at Aspen Cafe. They also have a 4.2/ 5 star review on Google reviews which is paired with another abundance of wonderful reviews by many very happy customers.

"So, this was my first time at Aspen Cafe and let me tell you that it WON'T be my last! The first thing I noticed was the EXCELLENT customer service! The owners son held the door open for us and greeted us warmly. Our waitress was Misty and she was ABSOLUTELY Great! As you can see our food was delicious!! The cream based spinach and rice soup was the BEST! My omelette and pancakes were great too. If you want some good Food with good people go and check out Aspen Cafe," Megan Tracy commented on Google Reviews.

Now, I don't know about you but I'm hungry, and if you're on the same page as me go stop into Aspen Cafe to see what they have to offer you! Also, a little something fun, While I was looking through their facebook page I came across a video of when a deer got into Aspen Cafe in 2017 and ran through the restaurant then leaped over a table, which luckily nobody was sitting at, and out of the window. I thought that was kind of funny. Go check out their Facebook page to see the video for yourself!