American Natural Resources

Posted on 23rd Jul 2019

American Natural Resources Image

American Natural Resources, located at 120 Broad Street in Griffith, is a family owned and operated full-service Taxidermy & rustic furniture/home decor studio.

American Natural Resources provides top quality workmanship for sports enthusiasts, art collectors and home decorators all over the country. They proudly carry a lifetime guarantee with all their work. From the very beginning, they use only the finest natural materials available for their crafts & artworks. All their hand-crafted furniture and home decor products also use the highest grade, most authentic barn wood lumber, or natural materials found in the country. Their taxidermy service uses only the premier tanners in the country, Their work is second to none. The best quality leather tan they can possibly give you in a mount, combined with their skillful expertise assures you that your trophy will last for generations.

They have a Facebook following of approximately 1,200. On Facebook you can find not only great reviews but also many pictures that satisfied customers have provided of their purchase displayed in their home. They also have a 4.8/ 5 star review on Google Reviews along with multiple fantastic comments.

"This place is so cool...our family loved visiting. They have such an array of cool products from dog chews to some newer offerings- unique barn wood furniture built right there. We loved looking at all the animals from the giraffe walking in the door, to the bear skin rugs laid over the rustic bedroom suite my husband thinks we should favorite was the mounted butterfly displays...exquisite! This is a must do for this area...completely unique products and great staff...say hi to Ed for us," Jenni Harris said on Google Reviews.

If you are looking for some new furniture or decorations for your home, stop in and see what at American Natural Resources catches your eye. For more information visit their Facebook page, give them a call, or just stop by!