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How It Started


In 2014, Support LaPorte was founded as a
Give-Back to our community. As more communities reached out to us and asked us to help their small businesses, we realized there was a significant need to raise the awareness of the importance of shopping local. We became The Shop Local Network and have partnered with over 30 communities and help support several hundred small businesses. 
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Our Mission


We believe that together, we can make a difference in our communities. Our mission is to raise awareness of locally owned and operated businesses. As more people make an effort to shop local, together we are able to create more jobs, better communities, and have a significant financial impact on our local economy.

Helping Small Businesses Compete


Individual small businesses across the country struggle to compete with big box stores and internet retailers. As more small businesses come together and become Shop Local Mission partners, our voices get stronger and we gain a competitive edge that we could not achieve by ourselves. We have worked very hard to make sure that all locally owned businesses regardless of their size can be part of the Shop Local Movement!
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