HotSpot Cafe

Posted on 26th Oct 2018

HotSpot Cafe Image

Hot Spot Cafe, located at 602 Lincolnway in LaPorte is always striving to make a difference. Sure you can stop in and grab one of their coffees or bubble teas and be on your way, but when you stop and take a look, you will see so much more.

Hot Spot offers Cold brew coffee using coffee cubes to make sure that your cold brew does not get watered down. They even have cold brew kits and will show you how you can do it at home on your own. Not a coffee person? You can try many different flavors of their Bubble tea, or order a steamer in the colder months!

Beyond the drinks, Hot Spot offers Coffee and Canvas events that are always packed. It is always fun to stop in to one of these events and see all the different age groups creating art. They also have vape supplies and a vast knowledge in that area as well. So if you have questions, they can help.

One area that I love is their efforts to give back to the local community and beyond. You can see them hosting events such as pumpkin painting. This year, the are participating in operation Christmas at Sea, hoping to make and impact on our troops!

When you stop in, take the time to have a conversation and get to know the staff. You will see that they are not just there to serve you coffee. They are there to get to know you. They want to interact with you. They want to know who you are. Who knows, you make even make a friend!

Stop in to Hotspot Cafe and see everything they have to offer. Try the Apple Pie Bubble Tea, it is my go to beverage when I am there! Nick Bello