Regional Sport & Spine

Posted on 14th Jan 2019

Regional Sport & Spine Image

Regional Sport and Spine, previously Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic, has not changed anything besides their name. The location, doctors, amd service is all the same! They are simply expanding their services.

They are now offering innovative sports injury therapy, simply because they want to help even more people throughout Northwest Indiana. Chiropractic care will still be their main practice. They also offer spinal decompression and a weight loss program.

At Regional Sport and Spine, they have successfully treated patients suffering from chronic and severe disc conditions, and work inter-professionally with the medical community. Many doctors refer their patients, including their senior patients, for DRS Protocol, as it is a successful and safe procedure, rather than have them face invasive alternatives and a lifetime of addictive medications.

They have a rating of 5/5 based on the opinion of 94 people. Their facebook reviews are full of nothing but excellent impacts that the doctors have made on their patients. Many reviews tell stories of how there life was impacted substantially since coming to Regional Sport and Spine.

They utilize nothing but the best and most advanced chiropractic medicine that is available. They have a technique that is non-surgical and non-invasive. Stop into Regional Sport and Spine today to see how they can help you!

Written by: Reid Bello