Elite Golf Performance

Posted on 5th Mar 2019

Elite Golf Performance Image

Elite Golf Performance is a state of the art golf performance center. Using Trackman radar, and premium golf equipment they help you unleash your potential.

This indoor golf facility offers 3 bays where you can play courses from all over the world. Using your club and hitting a real ball into their screens, every aspect of your game is tracked to help you improve. You can schedule a time to come in a play courses or just hit some balls, all while avoiding the outdoor elements.

If it is coaching or simple improvement that you are looking for, gold pro Mat Blair is on-site. Using his expertise along with the Trackman system, he can break down your swing, compare it to others and instruct you on how to improve.

This facility is unlike any other in the Northwest Indiana market and people from all over are taking advantage of it. Schedule a time for yourself or a complete golf outing today.

304 J st, LaPorte, Indiana 46350 (219) 380-5289