The Salt Cave

Posted on 5th Mar 2019

The Salt Cave  Image

Sitting in a room for 45 minutes filled with 20,000 pounds of Himalayan salt, while breathing the micronized particles of pharmaceutical grade salt will help with breathing, sinus, and asthma issues. Go visit the first active Himalayan salt cave in Indiana.

Halotherapy: Halo comes from the Greek word, salt. Therapy means the treatment intended to help relieve and reduce the symptoms of internal, external, or physical conditions such as allergies, asthma, skin irritations and more. History: Halotherapy has been around for centuries. A polish physician Feliks Boczkowski noticed that the miners that worked in the salt mines did not suffer from lung diseases or skin issues that their counterparts did that worked in the coal mines. Its been noted that Olympic athletes from eastern European countries would use this form of therapy before any sporting events as it is thought to have increased their lung capacity.

Sodium, maintains the correct balance of certain fluids in the body and is essential for nerve and muscle functions. Research and studies suggest the benefit of spending time in and active Himalayan salt cave on a regular basis can improve or even ward against these common conditions and ailments: Acne, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthmas, Bronchitis, Congestion, Cystic Fibrosis, Ear Infections, Eczema, Frequency of viral infection, Fibromyalgia, Hay Fever, Headache, Poor Concentration, Psoriasis, Relapsing pneumonia, Shield from cigarette smoke and pollution, Snoring, and Weakened Immune Systems.

They realize that every person is different, and the use of an active Himalayan salt cave may have different effects on different people. These types of therapies are considered, Homeopathic, and have not been evaluated by the western medical community. However, physicians that are forward thinking and progressive, have been referring their patients to active salt caves for years. Let your physician know of the benefits you've experienced from our salt cave, they may just want to try it out for themselves.