G&G Hobbies

Posted on 2nd Jun 2019

G&G Hobbies Image

G and G Hobbies, located at 105 E Main Street in Griffith, is the perfect place to go for all of your modeling needs, and no I"m not talking about supermodels.

G and G Hobbies specializes in model airplanes, cars, boats, trains, (H.O. & N) model rocketry, plastic models, modeling supplies-adhesives, paints, wood, and more. Right when you walk into the store take a look up. The ceiling is full of different model airplanes, big and small. They offer a very large variety of supplies to help with all of your hobbying needs.

They have a Facebook rating of 4.9/5 based on the opinion of 35 people. Their comment section is full of glowing reviews about how amazing not only their products are, but also how amazing the staff is.

"I can not state how great Larry, Eric, and the rest of the crew are! G & G Hobbies has been my LHS for years and that will not change anytime soon! The Customer Service can NOT be beat," Matthew Brauer commented on the Facebook page.

G and G Hobbies posts often on their Facebook page to make sure to keep their customers up to date on what is new in the store. Also, on Google reviews they have a 4.8/5 star rating and another abundance of wonderful reviews.

"I've been going to this place since I was a kid with my dad. Now I go with my kid, and I'm always excited for the experience. A rare gem in the era of big box stores and impersonal online shopping. Their customer service is always nice and these guys know their stuff and will help with any tips and tricks," Dan Scott said on Google reviews.

If you are looking for that great new place to make sure your plane is flying through the clouds or that your boat is sailing through the water, or all the other models you can think of too, then G and G is the place for you! You can give them a call or stop in if you need more information.